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 Key Benefits

Constant Bit Rate Media Bundling aggregates access media streams to a single interface and allows the creating of broadband link over DSL and Wireless Modems, Satellite and Radio Links, PDH (E1/T1/J1) and V35 Connections, Ethernet  Ports .

Different Link Speeds offer easy deployment scheme guaranteeing maximum bundle performance with the resulting aggregation rate equal to the sum of information rates of each of them. Fully Independent Up and Down Directions allow the using of asymmetrical links to create reliable broadband connections suitable for home video broadcasting services.

Simultaneous Voice and Data Transport is carried into effect by the dividing information stream sources into the strictly rationed data portions and by distributing them over the medias composing a virtual link. Each data portion consists of circuits allocated in accordance with the specified Quality of Service scheme. This approach guaranties transparent information transfer providing origin stream source quality and makes Bundle Link Technology unique for applications where requirements for co-existence of Carrier Class Voice and Data services are mandatory.

Built-In Native Redundancy Mode guaranties an automatic reallocation of the Voice and Data services between interface links in cause of the single link failure. The instant reallocation of the services with the Carrier Class Recovery Time less than 50 ms makes Bundle Link Technology suitable for network transport applications.

Inherent E1/T1 Signaling Protection mechanism duplicates frame and signaling time slots over separate interface links to increase upper protocol immunity and to provide error free signaling transmission in the BER environment.